Standard Features

  • Custom Native Apps

    No hybrid, no web-view, no trade off - real native apps for iOS and Android to provide best UX experience

  • App Store / Google Play

    Publish your app into mobile stores, gain visibility and user reviews

  • Backoffice

    Admin panel to manage your app

  • Screen Templating

    Your app can have any custom screens

  • Quick search

    Full-text search of your app content

  • Video, Documents, Photos

    Display Youtube videos, images or PDFs with additional information to better convince client for your offering

  • Maps

    Google Maps / Apple Maps support

  • Code Scanner

    Scan QR Codes, Barcodes and Datamatrix

Premium features


Registration / log in

Possibility to register and login

User management

Administration of user account inside the Backoffice

Push Notifications

Send notification directly into phones of the app users to inform them i.e. about special discounts and news about your company


One-click payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card

Basket / Wishlist

Let your client adds items into the basket

Interactive images

Clickable images that can navigate to different app screens


Different app content for different regions / target groups

Subscriptions / Recurring payments

3 types of subscription plans with recurring payments

AR / 360 view

3D models presentation